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Whether you are just beginning to think about school climate, or are well on your way to an even more healthy school, our research-based resources can help your community reach the next level of school reform.

What is School Climate Improvement?

Primarily: To create a safe, supportive and engaging environment that nurtures social, emotional, ethical, and academic learning in every child. This, in turn, has been shown to:

  • Enhance academic performance
  • Lower drop-out rates.
  • Reduce bullying and physical violence
  • Promote teacher retention

How Can the SCRC Help?

We offer resources to help with any and every stage of the improvement process, from assessment of a school's needs, to targeted tools and learning modules, to plan for sustaining reforms.

How do I Sign Up?

You can purchase unlimited access to the SCRC alone, or choose a package with other tools:

  • on-site Professional Development and or
  • our nationally-recognized Comprehensive School Climate Inventory (CSCI)

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Resources Included

The NSCC Road Map for school climate reform
Learning Modules for study groups, self-study, or PD workshops.
Current findings on school climate standards, policy, and law
A learning community for sharing ideas, best practices, and stories

"The SCRC is a superb resource for educators . . . It provides a comprehensive array of accessible tools and strategies for the critical work of creating school climates where students learn, thrive, and develop responsibility for their communities."

Richard Weissbourd,
Director | Human Development and Psychology Program
Harvard Graduate School of Education

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